About Us

Your partner for business transformation

DPCon Solutions LLP was founded by a group of skilful and passionate experts with an experience of 20+ years in the field of IT consulting industry.

DPCon is in the consulting business, offering unbiased advisory and end to end Digital Transformation services to the higher management across various industry segments. We have worked with some of the biggest brands across the globe through the process and Technology Innovations that have helped them flourish as well as add value to the internal and external stakeholders. Our belief in divergent thinking has led us to provide solutions for our clients in order to run their business proactively and also ensured we exceed customer expectations.

We are passionate about accelerated & incremental improvements that leads to transformational outcomes in a short period of time, matching the pace of rapidly changing business environment


DPCon is committed to build an organization of passionate and innovative minds to deliver best in class services & believes in delivering values not just services


To be a trusted partner for transformation within IT and Business Organizations that provides unbiased consultancy to identify “True Transformations” that helps organization grow


  • Customer centricity
  • Transparency
  • Innovative solutions
  • On-Time Delivery

Founder’s Note

After receiving my Engineering degree from one of the top technical institutes in 1997, right on the first day of my professional journey, two words caught my attention: Innovation and On-Time Delivery. Even though I learned the depth behind these words over time, beginning from my early tenure with the steel industry up until starting off in the IT Consulting Industry, these words are what drove me and my passion over the years. These words helped me keep customer centricity at the top of my list through every project delivery...Alongside, I have been fortunate to have powerful mentors that allowed me to function independently and develop my skills under their supervision, which in order fueled my passion. It is this passion and strive to innovate that led me to start my consulting company: DPCon Solutions.
At DPCon we aim to bring together innovative minds that provide the best in-class solutions. In 2020, I started DPCon with the vision to provide my customers with independent and transparent consulting but with their consistent support, I was able to build a strong leadership team with my shared ardour. As DPCon is making rapid progressions everyday, we intend to be a trusted partner for IT & Business organizations by supplying unbiased consultancy that identifies “True Transformations” in order to help these organizations reach new heights. It is our belief that here at DPCon we deliver values, not just services.

Deepak Bundela

Leadership Team

Deepak Bundela

Founder & CEO

Alok Shrivastav

Partner - Head of customer success

Nikhil Nahar

Head of Marketing & Business Operations

Lalit Bajaj

Partner & Head of Solutions

Madhusudan Pallerla

Partner & Head of Technical Services

Shrinivas Hake

Partner & Head of Delivery

Sreenivas Ramarao

Partner & Services and Process Management Practice